Thursday 18 June 2009

Malian troops raid Dyer murder suspects' camp

This major step-up in Mali's northern war with AQIM between Tuesday and today doesn't seem to have much press coverage (nor the murder of a Malian intelligence officer, Lt Col Lamana Ould Cheikh, in Timbuktu last week, which presumably prompted the big assault). Or maybe I'm reading the wrong papers. Maybe the Sun has it again? Anyway, various reports are saying that a raid on a camp at Garn-Akassa (don't know where that is, one source says "west of Tessalit", ie west of the Tanezrouft route from Algeria to Mali, 100km in side Mali) has resulted in the deaths of around 20 fighters. There's a lot of speculation at the forum about what's been going on. This is where to go if you're interested in getting a more nuanced picture of what's happening in the Sahara. But even if you read French, some of the contributors can be pretty opaque, and Google's translation tool if anything makes them even harder to understand in English.

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