Friday, 20 April 2007

Casamance is safe!

News from our updater Roger Norum, in Senegal, who had been advised in Dakar to give Casamance a miss, or, if he went, to be extremely careful. People made it sound like a war zone.

Roger writes:

"– Flew to Casamance, it was superb
– The friendliest people of my entire trip
– Great response from ppl, really excited to get tourism up and running again
– A few new projects going on, lots of campements restored over past few years
– Am amazed how much bum advice I was given in Dakar about going
– Completely safe in southern Basse Casamance and on new tarmac road from Zig–Cap Skirring
– A bit less safe (and certainly a lot more military presence) in the North and along the Gambian border"

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